Print Meets Ombre

 (Seventeen top/ jacket/ jeans, Gold Dot bracelets, Belleza bag, Miu Miu heels)

Layering has always been associated with the holiday season, but layering for summer is an unconventional way of adjusting your outfit to your comfort, all depending on how you feel that day. Since it's been raining quite a bit these past few days, wearing a jacket is totally a must- it's to keep you warm and protected from the rain. It coats a thin layer on some extremely revealing pieces and continues to push boundaries of being confident of your best assets. Like these apparel I got from Seventeen, I love the prints and colors of this jacket and the ombre effect of my jeans. I also decided to wear this lovely neon pink bag from Belleza. This is probably the lightest big bag I've owned. My love for neons will never fade- and seeing this bag wherein it's eye catching and very useful, I just had to get it for myself. I love the fact that it looks slim, but it's very spacious inside and that you can put all your important things inside, even your laptop. 
It has a summer touch, but the nicest part of it is I have a geometric pattern inside my jacket- and if I feel hot, I can just remove it and it'll still look nice. Plus, you can use the jacket as an extra toy to make the bag extra noticeable. The fabric is so comfy and light! I always find myself a huge fan of anything ombre, so when I saw this pair of pants, I just had to own it. I usually don't find jeans that fit me perfectly (and it's also hard to find jeans with nice prints/ style), so this one blew my mind off. It makes me feel like there's a bit of magic from bold up to its faded shade. I love how Seventeen by Cinderella made their summer collection really interesting and trendy. 
By the way, I just wanted to remind you guys of Cinderella's summer promo. For a minimum purchase of P1,000, you get a raffle ticket plus instant freebies from them. Promo is only until May 31 so go shop now! BMS.


Xuvious said...

I love that you've taken the sandal straps over the jeans.
I love the look! :)


dawn ann sanchez said...

I super love the ombre inspired pants. Ombre loco!

Marina said...

Love your heels! This outfit is so colorful and spring! Love your colorful otufits! Great look!


Róża Europy said...

Fantastic look :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the pants and jacket! <3 xx

yanny hartikainen said...

i super like your jeans!!!

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

awesome laureen. love the combination

Queenly Tan said...

Ganda ng shoes! <3

emma N. said...

i LOVE YOUR OMBRE PANTS ! Definitely need to find a pair.


Kerz Resuena said...

I love the color combination with your ensembles, so attractive and I really find it cute. <3

Georgina Sasha said...

I just love everything about this look. from the jacket, the jeans, the clutch, the heels, the bangles, and the neon bag! FTW! For me, you are the only fashion blogger that could definitely pull this look off! Bold and your daring taste is what I love about your look! (I can't wait for you to wear my own designs. Soon... when I am done with them, you'll definitely hear from me again!) Keep blogging and inspiring a lot of people Laureen! :)

Radka Sokoliova said...

Wonderful! Really amazing colors :)

Radka from

Aleckzandra Palisoc said...

I love your combination! <3
Printed + Ombre

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