Day 4 and 5

(Pink Manila cherry top, Cotton On chambre, Korean brand jacket, Zara leggings, Topshop wedges)

It has been raining for the past few days, so I decided to wear these metallic leggings paired with my boots for my visit to the temple. Everyone was praying so fervently- sometimes it amazes me how strong people's faith are to their gods.
On my last day, I decided to wear wedges to prevent myself from shopping.. hahaha. I didn't foresee that it was going to be freezing at the airport, good thing I had an extra leather jacket with me to keep me warm and cozy.

1.   My and my brother's boots (H&M and All Saints)
2-3. gods
4.   Outside Raffles City
5.   Coke in chinese
6-7. At the airport


Anonymous said...

omg! you really are so fabulous! all your pics are great and you look great as well! keep up the good work! can you post a pic naman with your boyfriend sometime? im just curious.. hehe martin isn't it? hehe IM A BIG FAN! i love your blog said...

You have such nice style!
Looks like your straight from vogue

love always
<33 amy <33

Laureen Uy said...
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Kreiza Patolot said...

I really love that shoes. I wish I'm smaller para hindi awkward mag-heels :)) Is that yoour favorite shoes? So fab :))

Living Foxy said...

Great shoes! I think I need a coke now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lau! May I know what (Topshop) branch did you get your shoes? I love your blog. I always check on it! :)

Kris said...

Looks good.