Flashback to the 50's

(H&M cardigan, Vintage scarf, American Apparel shorts, Chanel bag, H&M boots)

The weather was a bit gloomy, but it didn't stop us from getting out of the hotel and going everywhere. If ever you go to Shanghai, be sure to visit: The Bund Sightseeing Avenue, Xin Tian Di, and nanjing road. The feel of zhongshan road, right before The Bund, was so historic- I felt like I was in the 50's (minus the clothing).
I didn't know if it was going to rain or not so I opted to wear these boots. It was also my first time to try plum shade lipstick (from Sephora).

1. Nanjing road
2. Random
3. My siblings
4. Walking around
5. Oriental Pearl Tower
6. Zhongshan road
7. The Bund
8. Close-up
9. Inside Xin Tian Di (it was revolving)


Kreiza Patolot said...

Is he your brother? Btw, fab as always. Can I ask what color is your hair? Or your Ate Liz's hair? Thank you :))

Anonymous said...

can I ask how much is your chanel bag? what shade of lipstick are you wearing :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

how about your profile pic! What kind of Chanel Bag is that?? :) thanks

Anonymous said...

bonggacious atey!!!!!

Sox L. Cillian said...

thanks for visiting my blog:)
like your blog too! and love the jacket:D


eena said...

i die for that medallion tote. gorgeous as always, Lau! xo