Rainy Day

(Vintage leopard top, Hong Kong brand jacket, H&M shorts, Urban Outfitters bag, Shoecrazeee boots)

It's raining hard here, meaning I don't want any of my heels ruined. The forecast said typhoon Juan will hit Metro Manila at midnight, so I don't know if it will be sunny/rainy/windy today. Now's the perfect time to wear this 2-in-1 jacket. Remove the sleeves and it becomes a vest. Amazing,so BMS.


Anonymous said...


Kreiza Patolot said...

Like the boots. And the top. And the bag. And the shorts. Everything. :)))

Anonymous said...

i love your legs Lau!! let's trade.

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket/vest whered you get it? :)
i hope you put where your clothes are from cz its really nice <3

ZoƩ Hermsen said...

cool blog!
i followed(; do you want to follow me?