I was browsing through one of my favorite fashion websites,, when I saw a shot of myself in the party section. Then I began checking all the party pictures. It's actually nice to see all the photos from the past and see how much my fashion sense has grown. Here are some of my favorites. 
Of course, Stylebreak is part of The Mall, a section in Stylebible where you can shop and almost all the online stores are there.

1. Preview Ball 2009
2. Members Only 1st Anniversary
3. Members Only 2nd Anniversary
4. Barbie Basics
5. Preview Ball 2010
6. Halloween 2009
7. The Mall - Stylebreak


Anonymous said...

I love stylebible too!

missy s said...

aha! beautiful!!! :D

that checkered dress is beautiful! you rawk them <3

BJ Pascual said...

SUKI lang! you look super preshhh in the second photo!!! :p