First Day High

(The Ramp blazer, SM lace top, Armani Exchange pants, Balenciaga bag, H&M shoes)

I wore all black today- mourned because it was the first day of school (to any teachers who are reading this, I'm just kidding) hahaha. I can't believe I spent 6 hours in school, last time I did that was last March. I love all my subjects though, it will surely help me a lot in my work field.
I wore everything black but all the fabrics were different, crisp cotton blazer, lace top, leather bag, cotton jeans and suede/ leather heels- I loved it. BMS.
Oh! And thanks to my brother Vince who gave me the fab Paul Smith notebook.


Alma said...

I love the outfit! I'll try to wear a blazer and lace top. Looks amazing!:P

Pink Stilettos said...

I love your look! Really crazy about your heels!!!! Very haute xoxo

Trish G. said...

I love your shoes!! Ferosh!

gillian said...

I love those trousers! Been desperately been wanting to pull off a look with trousers but can't seem to find the right one.. haha Black just makes me look extra tiny.. :(

congrats on the feature btw!

Anonymous said...

I have the same thinking of wearing black on the first day of school as a sign of mourning for it.

Anonymous said...

I miss UA&P!