Silver and Studs

(H&M top, Korean brand blazer, Zara harems, Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

We're so caught up in still photos that sometimes we neglect to appreciate how our clothes look in motion. I love these walking shots. It shows all the corners and dimensions of my whole outfit.
I decided to wear black, white and silver today topped with my red lipstick. BMS.
Photos by: Lesley Choa
Creative Direction: Bryle Penamante


Anonymous said...

Your shoes are amazing!!! <3

Rafael Ayuyao said...

i die at your outfit!!! pure love!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love those shoes! Fashion in the Philippine seems to be way ahead of fashion in America /: It's so unfair.. The heels on those shoes are huge though!

Anonymous said...

i love that top, is it recently brought? h&m have some really cool things this season!

i'm new to this, but check me out

Viv said...

love the whole outfit, that blazer is awesome, the detailing is beautiful!