What A Girl Wants Fashion Show

(Stylebreak sheer top, WAGW skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

I absolutely love WAGW's December 2010 collection. I know exactly what to buy from them. Here are some pictures from the event.

1. Front row(L-R): Daryl Chang and Anna Canlas of Preview Mag, Camille Co and I
2-4. my favorite items
5. everyone
6. random
7. girls behind WAGW (L-R): Diane, Jacklyn and Kryzz Uy
8. my favorite model: Ral 
9. cute couple
10. what we have been drinking the whole night
11. Daryl Chang and I


Dominique said...

love all the clothes! and your outfit here! gorgeous!

gillian said...

Hey Laureen! is it okay If I grab some photos for my blog too? :)

Laureen Uy said...

Sure, just email me the link Gillian. :)

Trish G. said...

Now i'm sure to buy more clothes from WAGW.

VersaStyle said...

looks like tons of fun! ... i'm crushing on your Campbells with the socks... heart.