Kaimito st.

(H&M top, Zara slacks, Givenchy bag, Dolce and Gabbana shoes)

I stopped over Kaimito st. to drop off a friend when I saw the wonderful downhill view of this street. I wanted to take a photo in school because I was running a bit late, but I didn't care- I had to take pictures here. Although the electric wires were a bit too much, I still liked the effect. Probably took us 5 minutes to take all these photos because it was screaming hot outside.
Can I just say I loved the mix of my polka dot silk top and D&G stilettos (everyone loved the eyes and lips). BMS.


Sharina said...

You look so gorgeous as always Lau!! And I love the new shoes! Also, that Preview magazine! :) I'm there in the Contributors page! Haha just sharing!! I miss Preview! Seeing your super stylist sister Liz was one of the highlights of my internship!!


Jesse said...

it's really good to see filipinas dressing really well (no offence to filipinas out there, but ya'll dress uh-uh)

keep sharing and inspiring! you would actually outdress some of my fashionista friends in Sweden haha

keep breakin em necks!

Laureen Uy said...

Thanks guys!!!!!!! <3

chloe said...

Hi Ms Laureen!

I make it a point to visit your blog everyday as I enjoy the simplicity and your outrageous style!

What camera did you use for this shot?

Thanks and more power!

VersaStyle said...

the D&G and Givenchy are killer.