Bohol Day 1

 First stop: Cebu. Our meeting point before going altogether to Bohol. Stopped by WAGW.
Our lovely villa had a pool inside. Bongga.
 Amorita Resort is the best. It was so relaxing, definitely a place to getaway.  After we had dinner, we went down to beach and was surprised to see a lot of resto bars there (we seriously thought it was a quiet beach)
 (H&M maxi dress, Schu flats)
Thank you Cozy Nail Lounge for making my nails look so pretty. Tried colors neon yellow and orange combined. It was definitely an attention grabber.
My girls: Nicole, Kalene and Katrina. xx


Michelle said...

The indoor pool is so cool!!

MissKatv said...

nice photos. and I like your flats :)

Mars said...

Beautiful photos. I love your maxi dresses.

Mars of fashion insouciance

Ellen ♥ said...

wow! you were here in Cebu :D

cheryll said...

hope you'll love all the places in bohol.. proud to be a bol-anon

Anonymous said...

Can I just say, I love you times ten!!!!

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!