Bloggers United

 My booth
 I brought so little compared to my left (Kryz's) and right (Camille's)
 My first shoe buyer- Patricia Prieto! Yey!
 Patricia's cute stall
 My feathered friends. Almost all the bloggers wore a feathered earring. Kookie, Raleene and I rocking our earrings.
 Everyone going gaga over Camille's area.
Patricia and Tin's stall
 Sophie's Mom. Have you ever tried their truffle mochi and mochi ice cream? Seriously you will die. Owners 16-year old Sophie and 13-year old Stephanie made us try almost everything. They sell cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. Yummy. Order now!!  
Photo by Sophie's Mom
 We were tired already but "go lang ng go!"
Photo by David Guison
 David Guison working real hard, taking photos of everyone
 My loves Kryz and Camille
 OMG. The Walkie Talkies was so good. I cried to the song "Just The Way You Are."
Everyone watching.

It was such a fun event. I was so happy to see all my fellow bloggers interact with each other and spend the entire day talking my readers/ followers. Till next time! BMS.


Abigaell Khong Hun said...

U deserve everything, laureen! Love your style!


Dominique B. said...

wow! looks like it was so much fun! huhu i wish i was there too :)

tArA said...

You guys were really cool that day. Very approachable. I had a blast plus I was able to score some very good items. Hope there will be another one.:)

AMINTA said...

Wow!! What an envy... I would be to be there... how many awesome things.... <3
Im following ... kisses.


Anonymous said...

Girl!! Bet ko yung feathered earrings ninyo!! Ako peg niyo no ehem.. the script. haha

Lauren said...

beautiful photos..

iryn said...

Looks fun! I wish I was there. tsk :(

P.S. Im a new follower of your blog :)

Vous pouvez m'appeler maine said...
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Raleene said...

Made you cry!! Aww. Sorry! :)) Grabbed some photos. :)