Horizontal and Vertical

(WAGW hat, Landmark mesh top, Hong Kong brand harems, Ice Queen wedges)

One of the many photos Cholo Dela Vega took of me. I met Cholo through twitter way back in 2010 when I needed a new photographer for Stylebreak's Hoop and Lass collection. I tweeted for photographers to send their works via email and luckily Cholo submitted one. When I saw his work my mouth dropped and I booked him right away. Ever since then I always get him for shoots.
I seriously love the way he takes pictures. He also edits the color so well. If you need a creative director/ photographer- get him. He's so talented in many ways. BMS.


Chic Chik Chic said...

Love the shot and your harrem pants!


modniza said...

stylish! love your shoes!! xoxo

Nina said...

Love your shoess!!!

Dominique B. said...

love the look!!!

Maryelishh said...

This could have been prettier without the borders.

Find these lines on your HTML:
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And try deleting the bold lines. Don't take out "}" though.

Just trying to help, just in case you'd like any. :)

Beautiful blog from a beautiful person, still. :)