Chain, Lace and Feathers

(Topshop black dress, H&M dress, Alexander Wang bag, Maris Online earring, Schu booties)

I wore this to the Bloggers United event. I decided to wear something very laid back since I knew we were going to talk to a lot of people that day so I wore two loose dresses and just piled on accessories like I normally do. I also wore these very comfy booties from Schu. They're not so high so it was perfect for the event.  For some reason, almost all the bloggers wore a feathered earring that day. Cool. More photos from the actual event next. 
Photos by Raleene


Linton from London said...

Lovely outfit! Loving the lace

I OTIVAR said...

love love the bag! :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

I'm a fan of chains and laces as well. My mother and I are your big fans Ms. Laureen. We read your blog everyday! :-)


love those boots and what a bag!

Dominique B. said...

those boots really do look comfy! i want a pair too! :P

glenn encinares said...

you gave me idea how to wear lace dress, I love how you paur it with black heel boots I want to try this outfit :)

Nikki Abella said...

And again, you totally rocked the whole outfit! So pretty, Laureen! I'll always be a fan! <3


annette said...

love love love this!


Anonymous said...

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