Cute neon fringe earrings from Extreme Finds. NEON!! P250.00. 
 Nothing beats Bring by Bin Ubaldo double/triple/quadruple connector rings. I'm in love with the snake ring- and since I'm year of the snake, I'd like to think it's good luck haha. P500.00 below.
 SM Accessories. Love their vintage looking cuffs and bangles.
 SM Accessories. Would you believe these necklaces are less than P500.00?
 Extreme Finds black and white tassel earrings. I think these will be overused. P450.00.
Ear cuffs by Style Prodigy. I love the ear cuff full of crosses. They're only P300.00.

 Happy Shopping. BMS.


Mrs. Kolca said...

I want to make fringe earrings! They look really nice. Hmmm.. gotta visit Carolina's soon! :)

maroun said...

I should have the vintage cuffs and bangles :)
Call Center Agent said...

wauw, you got some nice stuff

Michelle said...

I looooove the quadruple connector rings!!! Soo cool!!!

Cathy Malvar said...

Such cuuuuuute earcuffs! <3

Dominique B. said...

wowowow! i love everything! esp the feather earcuffs and connector rings!

Kumiko Mae said...

i love the rings! im checking them out na :D