Drop It Low

(Human top and bottom, SM necklace, Gold Dot ball ring, Bring cross ring, Aldo shoes)

This gray top is so comfy and nice- never imagined Human carrying super comfy tops! Check out their "Black Collection".
I had a shoot last week for a magazine and the it was soo fun! Bloggers, stylists, and photographers all gathered for this shoot. Watch out for it. BMS.
Photos by: Lissa Kahayon and Patricia Prieto


Myrted said...

Harem pants! I've never gotten around to learn how to wear one. What are your tips in wearing harem pants? It seems so hard to don on.

Linton from London said...

The pants and shoes are amazing! Lovely outfit

Dominique B. said...

gorgeous!!!! love your necklace so much!! :)

Michelle said...

I sooo love the outfit! :-) Especially the shoes! They're so cute! :-)

Vernice Gabriel said...

you look so preeetty in the last photo! i love your style always! this is my first time commenting hihi. love your outfits forever! :)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

those pants look really comfy!

Mrs. Kolca said...

I got a pair of harem pants (traditional style) from Turkey. It was given as a gift by my BIL. I just don't know how to wear it. Looks like a super loose pajama for me. Help!

Adriana Little Petite Blog said...

You have a gorgeous face!

This is a really cute outfit, i'm loving your shoes!