Someone To Call My Lover

The best nachos I've tried so far. 
We stood up when this song played. Stop right now, thank you very much!!
Playing around. Lissa Kahayon, moi, Camille Co and Patricia Prieto
Bloggers night out.
Our theme song: Someone To Call My Lover by Janet Jackson
We went straight to Red Box after our Chalk shoot and just sang our hearts out. I love that all the bloggers are so sweet and kind to each other- absolutely no competition. Definitely doing this again. BMS


Florence said...

seems like fun!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Wow, the four of you together! :)

ENNAID said...

You guys are so Posh! :) Love that there's no competition going on.

Adriana Little Petite Blog said...

I love your blog! I just started following=D

Lei said...

All gorge! I suddenly miss my girlfriends!


aaaw cute! Nice to see fashion bloggers together :)

Ellen ♥ said...

You girls love STOP by Spice Girls :) You're all gorgeous. :)