I think this is the biggest ring I own so far.
(SM Accessories necklace, HK brand top, TRF shorts, Delphine Murat stockings, Forever 21 ring, Miu Miu clutch, Feet for a Queen wedges)

After My Binondo Girl's presscon, I went to Khiel's event to support their 160th anniversary. The theme was vintage tee, so I decided to wear a rugged top and shorts for that laid back look. To make it look different, I wore neon thigh high stockings paired with these pair of sky high wedges. BMS.


ninda said...

wow this is super duper stylish outfit!
I love that top, amazing prints :D and great socks! what a lovely outfit :)


cool necklace! enter my giveaway!

yeahzel said...

this outfit is so eccentric and that's what i love about it! fierce!

Number Two Lover said...

I love this outfit!

Erika Bianca said...

and I love the biggest ring you own so far! :)

admin said...

You always have awesome shoes Lau...♥♥

-Wella -