After Midnight: Liz's Party

 Vince, Carlos and Manu
 Andre, Vice Ganda and Daryl 
 Mars Miranda working his magic- everyone enjoyed so much!
 Liz with Ely Buendia. Yes, we all forced him to sing-- and he was able to sing a few sentences for Liz hahaha. May prom dance pa after!
 Monique, Cheska and Danica
 Lovi and Tim 
 The giveaway cookies- kailangan shoes pa rin?! 
Robbie, Nino, Carla and I
Pauline and Rajo posing for another camera
Thank you Daryl Chang for this photo
 Robbie, Raymond and Georgina 
Happy happy 30th-- oh sorry, 18th birthday to my sister Liz. A celebrity stylist, a girl who strives for the best, a passionate worker, a loving friend and the best sister in the world. 

If you want to see a video of how the party went, just click HERE. It was made by the genius Mark Nicdao using only his iphone4- you'll definitely say WOW after. BMS.


Yvette S. said...

hi lau! can u pretty please with cherries on top post the video you made for liz? your closeness is inspiring! =)

Sofia Gatchalian said...

Star studded! Everyone looks great! xx

Etaduran said...

so sweet! :)


Princess Daniiyeelaanee said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Liz! awesome party with gorgeous people!:)

Pattita said...

I was doing Robbie's makeup a couple of days ago at Elite! :))