Before Midnight: Liz's Party

 This isn't a real pair of shoes- it's a cake. 
(L-R): Epoy, moi, Andre, Raymond, Daryl, Manu, Nino
Wearing Stylebreak's pastel bodycon and sheer skirt- the best combination for a Sunday night out. Bodycons are a must in every girl's closet- and in my case, a pastel bodycon. Oh, and the skirt is LOVE. It instantly added a sweet effect on my look. 
 (L-R): Becky Nights with Marc and Victor
 Actresses meets Bloggers: Carla Humphries, Isabel Oli, Isabelle Daza and Nicole Andersson
 89.9's BNO DJs Sam YG and Slick Rick with Bianca Gonzalez
 with Robbie Becroft
Bubbles rings
 Liz's college friends.
 I made a surprise video for my sister Liz to show how much everyone loves her- here's a picture from Divine Lee's blog of everyone watching the video.
Again, yes, that is a real cake. After she blew the candles, that was when the real party began. Part II coming up. BMS.


miss purple said...

BONGGA talaga!love your sweet look,ano po yung gamit nyong lipstick?I so looooove the color thanks!

MC said...

The cake is amazing!

Jocelyn said...

Bongga ang birthday ni Liz!!!!!! I especially love the cake "amazing" i wanna have a cake make like that. You all look so fancy & gorgeous that night. Can't wait to see more of part 2 :).

Dulce de Manzana said...

that cake is insane!!!

Etaduran said...

WOW. amazing cake!!! and fab people! :)


Tyrone | Millionaire Acts said...

Nice cake! Happy Birthday to your sister Liz! It's my first time here in your blog. Glad to have visited it. I'm a blogger too but on a different niche about personal finance, investments, and business. :)

Lay said...

Im in love with your dress :)