Rocket High

 (Givenchy panther glasses, vintage top, Extreme Finds necklace, SM Accessories silver bangles, Topman singlet, Dior bag, Cotton On shorts, TLTSN colored bangles/flatforms)

It always feels so good trying something you've never done before right? Well, I tried a lot of new things this day like:
     1. Wearing my new Givenchy panther clear glasses (don't you just love the design?)
     2. Attempting to do a walking shot (take note of the word attempt)
     3. Wearing my brother's singlet (that he left in my room)
     4. Wearing flatforms (they're incredibly comfy and they make you look taller too)
     5. Posing while sitting down on a sidewalk (I actually did this because I was tired walking)
     6. Borrowing my mom's vintage Dior bag (well, more like begged her to give it to me)
              and the best thing..
     7. Got this Smart Bro's newest stick- the Rocket Plug-It Chic
       (the most fashionable stick I've ever seen, it even matched my outfit perfectly!)
You know, the stick is actually too nice to be kept in my bag. Not only does it look pretty, but it works super fast too! I don't call it "Rocket High" for nothing. It works up to 12mbps and it has over 1000 (and counting) HSPA+ sites to ensure you the best internet experience ever. By the way, Smart Bro is the only internet broadband service that provides a list of HSPA+ sites for us to further enjoy our internet- check it HERE.  And the best thing about it? You can order it online! You don't have to go to their stall/service center to get it- you just have to click HERE. BMS.


Tina said...

totally digging that necklace!

Myla Pauline said...

I love your vintage top and glasses! :>

Myla Pauline said...

Love your vintage top and your glasses! <3

everlightly said...

fun outfit, love that necklace !


Anonymous said...

Can I ask what camera lenses you use? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You just placed your Dior bag on the road. That's Dior! Hahaha. Nice Fuhlatforms by the way. :)

nikolia said...

interesting idea, I like
I really like the color and pattern ..))

eDina said...

this shirt is a bomb!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the outerwear! Adorable <3 X

VogueEsprit said...

Those glasses! Cooooool! :]

~Jac P.

Sofia Gatchalian said...

Love the glasses!

Etaduran said...

Love the colors!!!! <3


Joanne Christina said...

Love your jacket.

vnikali said...

great glasses!
seems like u had a great time in hk!
I have seen u in the nuffnang awards before:)

dongala (wanderer) said...

such cute shoes!

mikexplorer said...

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.suporting here.

Marella Ricketts said...

I love this outfit!