$35.00 Below

         Second row: tribal sandals, polka dot heels and printed wedges
         Third row: polka dot pumps, silver oxfords and neon flats

How can anyone not shop online if all these are $35.00 below!!! I swear I'm going crazy! I'm not going to prolong this conversation anymore but I just want to share my happiness to you guys that Asos items are up to 70% all year round! If these are the sale items, how beautiful are the ones that aren't? Start shopping HERE.


eDina said...

ohh noo..going crazy too!

Jade Shop-a-Lot said...

Oh let's not forget that ASOS also throwing an EXTRA 10% off on all discounted item. Just enter promo code EXTRA10 at checkout <3

Marie Jane Rosell said...

Woah! Unfortunately, I cannot open the sites :(

Kristine Bulatao said...

I wish have that lot of money though.

Please visit my online shop. We sell accessories at low prices.

Ana said...

Love love ASOS! And they had free shipping when I was in the UK! Jut got back here in Manila..was wondering...dyou guys pay extra duties to customs?