The Butterfly Effect

(Fashion Galore vest, Dress Diaries dress, Glazey Mode necklace/ bracelets, Girls Are Weird ring, Balenciaga bag, CMG wedges)

Style is very important. I love how it can be used to express personality and you also have a lot of room for creativity. I love working with my outfits to help define my own sense of style and taste. I wanted to experiment on different kinds of prints this day and came up with this look. I never knew mustard and mandarin colored pieces would actually look great when combined. Actually, this entire ensemble was randomly picked for about a good five minutes. BMS.


bibi said...

that`s a lovely otfit and the ring is awesome :)

Annabelle said...

This outfit is so cute! You put it together really well :)

paulinejoyp said...

pretty laureen!

I loved your's cute :)

eDina said...



karen corpuz said...

cmg wedges is expensive

Visceral Maze said...

those shoes are adorable.


roviedear said...

love your dress laureen! and you look so fresh here!! :)

The Bargain Doll

Chiara said...

so pretty.
love the prints :) really nice combos !


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Diana Cloudlet said...

great look! perfect bracelets)
like these colors)

Verna Abril said...

love the dress ate Laur :) even with girly outfits, you still don't forget to mix prints :D

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