Saturday Classes

(H&M sweater and jeans, Balenciaga bag, Alexander Wang shoes)

It's getting a bit breezy here in our tropical country, that's why I was all covered up yesterday. I didn't know we had make up class too, so I rushed to school looking like this. You can call it the effortless look. I love this part in our school, I can just chill in our garden all day and read a book --of course I can only do it on a Saturday because during weekdays it's always crowded.
The jeans are pure love. Imagine wearing with a plain white or gray or black top with no accessories, it'll still look great. BMS.


Charlotte Elise Jay said...

I love this sweater soooo much it sits on you beautifully!

You look amazing

Char x

michelle said...

I agree with Charlotte! :D So beautiful!

sheri06 said...

where do you buy your H&M clothes? I wish we have it here in the Pi. :)