(WAGW hat and top, Bubbles necklace, Alexander Wang bag, Pinky Toes flats)

I really took it seriously when my friend Nana told me it was raining in Iloilo. Since my flight was at 10am, I decided to wear just an oversized gray sweater so I can be comfortable in the plane. But of course, I had to add neons in my outfit so I wore this cute + very light necklace and this ever so comfy Pinky Toes flats. It's my first ever pair of neon flats that I can walk around all day without my feet hurting. They actually just released a new collection featuring two-toned neon flats. I'm planning to get them too. It's such a head turner even if it's not high heels because of the color and style. I walked around Iloilo not worrying about my painful feet. The only thing I worried about was it didn't rain so by the time it was 4pm, I had to change into a tank top because I couldn't take the heat anymore. More travel photos tomorrow. BMS.


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

nice outfit. love your bowler hat

Angel said...

Ughh I hope I went to Plazuela that day :)

sofy said...

hey whats your twitter your style!!am @sophyner

Dianna said...

your so bold, I love it!

Kristine Bulatao said...

The aztec necklace goes well with the over-sized top! :)

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Anferny Flores said...

Kelan po kayo nagpa Iloilo? I have always wanted to see you in person. :) Especially with those cool flats..

xo, :*


Love the wang bag in yellow! <3

Kayka Sadowska said...

necklace, flats and TOP!!!!!!! are awesome. bag is not my favourite but TOP i just love it!!!

Yhadz said...

..Neon's are perfect really.. Beautiful Laureen..


Etaduran said...

Love the colors!!! <3


Gemnikka A. said...

Your sandals are really gorgeous! :) I want to have them also!!


Marina said...

Like your bag!


Rochelle Kawasaki said...

I love the sandals but does it hurt your feet? :-) ♥

You look Gorgeous as always ♥

Chrystine said...

Love the yellow Alexander Wang Rocco!!


Anonymous said...

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