Empty Lots

(Bubbles earrings, Binky Doodles top, Lunachic bracelets/ ring, Chloe bag, SM GTW pants, Primadonna shoes)

I love finding empty parking lots- they make the colors of my outfit pop out more. I had a lot of meetings this day, and you know my number 1 rule when meetings clients: Dress appropriate. This half plain/half printed top really made the entire look proper especially when paired with this harem pants. There's something about harem pants that makes me want to wear them more. I guess it's because I can move freely in them, or the fact that it hides my legs when I feel fat. BMS.


Anonymous said...

nice outfit! ^_^

are your pants really skinnier at the end part? or is it just the cuff? how did you cuff your pants? ^_^

i otivar said...

love how you match all those prints! <3

xx, i.

Ishara said...

love the pants, they're amazing, and love the heels and color combinations
xx ish

Maggie ☮ said...

Love the half shirt! I literaly had to scroll up to figure out if it was the same photo lol

Yhadz said...

..Beautiful ;)


Kristine Bulatao.Ü said...

Your bracelets <3


Bumbleberri said...

You are so GORGEOUS. These colorful prints really do stand out in empty parking lots like this one you're photographed in!


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Anonymous said...

i knew it laureen, you will never agree to approve the last comment i mentioned. since you agree that it was not as appropriate as for client meetings :) it's okay i understand.


Yen said...

Love the whole outfit!!!