Laid Back in Iloilo

 (Jimmy Choo sunnies, Plains and Prints chambre, H&M top, Long Champ shorts, Amadora necklace/ bracelets, Bubbles shorts, Fila socks, Crocs shoes)

I'm always in Iloilo- and I never really get bored when I'm there. In fact, I love being there- that's why I brought my friends this time! Hahaha. I love wearing laid back clothes. When I go there, I'd like to keep my look as comfy as I can because I know I'll be on vacation mode. I wore this pair of comfy and affordable Bubbles shorts just so I can move around freely and to make everything look more trendy, I wore these necklace and bracelets from Amadora accessories. Aren't they so nice?! I love the combination of the claw + studs in one arm.  Metals and silver are always a good pair with denim. Even if the necklace is a bit striking, it doesn't overpower the total look. It was a very bright day so thank goodness I brought these new foldable sunnies. Even if the classic frames are contrasting my laid back ensemble- ironically, it added flare. Oh, and did you notice my cute polka socks? I just saw the new collection of Fila and I love all their colorful and printed socks! Yey!
Anyway, here are some photos taken via my phone from my Iloilo trip.
 Thank you Dominique and Camille from Iloilo for giving us these cute neons bracelets! 
 Foldable Jimmy Choo sunnies and my forever reliable Sony RX100. 
Seriously, I think I need to be a brand ambassador for Iloilo. Hahaha! I love this city. BMS.


Dominique B. said...

love the outfit! so laidback and cute! :)

The Niknok Style

Bree said...

Ahhhh! How come you've been visiting my hometown several times already and I didn't know? :((( Dear Ate Laureen, I badly want to see you, have a photo together and autograph maybe? Please! Please! Tell us when you're coming. Your Ilonggo fans want to see youuu! I love you! <3 <3 You and your armcandies rockkk! Plus the shoes, the tops, the sunnies, the dresses, everything! :D

Jen Cruz said...

Love you top <3

Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

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Ishara said...

love the look, the converse are really nice and love the skull studded shorts!
xx ish

Em :) said...

Bearland! You've been here in Iloilo for so many times but I haven't had the chance to see you. :/


Stefani said...

Love these pictures! Cute casual outfit,those shorts are amazing!

Annabelle said...

I love your outfit - casual and chic!
I wanna visit Iloilo now!

Kristine Bulatao said...

Arm party! <3

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)

piscesix08 said...

I'm so glad you love coming here. I'm an ilongga and feels so proud that you love my city too. You're always welcome to visit. lol (as if I own the city,haha) Btw, I live 10 mins away from Bearland Resort.

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

love your sunnies!!! :)

Anonymous said...

aha! i was like i know this place! i am 101% ilongga based in the US - i had my wedding last summer and that's where we had our prenup! i superduperlove the place. :)

mae said...

oh my golly..if only i knew that you and your friends were in bearland, ill gonna take a haste ride going there..really love your blog ms.lauren....Mae also from Iloilo.

Yen Sy said...

Love ILOILO!! I also love the people :)

paulinejoyp said...

pretty laureen ;)

you really loved going back here in iloilo! it's nice to know you loved our city :) hope to see you someday!